Technology in the Workplace

Our focus at infoRev MEDIA is the workplace. Technology is impacting the ways in which companies collaborate, communicate and motivate. How technology is intergated into the office should not be an afterthought. Rather, strategically planning how it can be used, where it will be beneficial and then elegently designing into the office should be at the forefront of workplace design.

In these articles, we highlight companies that are leading the way in developing products that marry technology, architecture and furniture into pre-engineered solutions.

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Featured product - CLUBtalk from Teknion

Collaboration is one of the best intellectual tools we have for solving problems or creating something new. It is a work practice seeded throughout an organization and includes spontaneous interaction that often takes place in the spaces inbetween, aided and abetted by technology. The pervasive use of technology to access and share information requires rethinking the spaces, furniture and other apparatus that constitutes the office landscape. CLUBtalk™ integrates people, technology and furniture to provide more opportunities for effective collaboration. CLUBtalk consists of a cart, table and technology that provide electronic interconnectivity among meeting participants. It enables people to send data from their laptop or other mobile device to a larger display that provides real-time visibility to those who are present and those at a distance. It distills all the functionality of a conference room supplied with advanced technology support into a simple, mobile unit. CLUBtalk takes up less space and generates more ideas. A catalyst to collaboration in physical space and digital domains alike, CLUBtalk expresses and facilitates a culture of active engagement, removing barriers to communication to yield a higher level of creativity and performance.  CLUBtalk video


While open and fluid office plans do much to foster interaction among workers, CLUBtalk creates a highly visible destination that attracts, engages and supports those who want
to connect with each other to share data and knowledge in order to spark innovation. CLUBtalk enhances the opportunity to receive, distribute and control converging data simultaneously. It sparks creativity while minimizing downtime between communications and decision-making.

Less Space

As office planning moves away from enclosed workstations and private offices, a greater proportion of floor space is allocated to shared spaces where people and mobile devicesmeet. CLUBtalk is scaled for the spaces in-between where impromptu collaboration often occurs. It allows companies to plan for and encourage cocreative interaction in physical and digital space.

Higher Performance

The relationship between the user and the tool is pivotal. To be truly valuable, technology must be designed so that the user experience is familiar and friendly. CLUBtalk is simple, intuitive and engaging.

More Ideas

CLUBtalk offers a way to elevate communication among workers who desire a convergence of thought and data in real-time. CLUBtalk enhances the ability to share ideas with physically present or off-site participants.


CLUBtalk does more than make room for shared space and collaboration. It creates an inviting and compelling physical and virtual site where thought and data converge. Requiring a
minimum of space and infrastructure, CLUBtalk allows people to receive, share and control data to support creativity and to minimize the downtime between communications and decisions. Less space. More ideas. Higher performance.



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