Technology in the Workplace

Our focus at infoRev MEDIA is the workplace. Technology is impacting the ways in which companies collaborate, communicate and motivate. How technology is intergated into the office should not be an afterthought. Rather, strategically planning how it can be used, where it will be beneficial and then elegently designing into the office should be at the forefront of workplace design.

In these articles, we highlight companies that are leading the way in developing products that marry technology, architecture and furniture into pre-engineered solutions.

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Featured product - Elements Media from Agati

Every year brings about new advances in technology. AGATI adapts its furniture to these changes while maintaining the integrity of its original design. Pairing technology with its Hampton seating, Elements Media never compromises the building blocks of AGATI furniture. Users effortlessly connect with those near and far, sitting supported and comfortable. Add multiple user data options, or the T1 Visions Touchscreen for unlimited collaboration.


The Interactive Touchscreen option features a durable, multi-user touchscreen, seamlessly integrated into a quality AGATI tabletop. The result is a valuable collaboration and productivity tool, ideal for libraries, meeting rooms, training centers, student unions and common areas. Interactive technology brings collaboration to a new level. Teams connect, share, and learn using an intuitive, multi-touch user interface. Meetings become more efficient, information is highly accessible and presentations are more engaging! 

Can be paired with with Hampton Banquette for the ultimate in support and comfort. Add an optional back shelf and stools to expand seating options.






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